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Date of Birth: 02/11/1984
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Measurements: 34d-24-32
Nationality: Korean
Hometown: St. Charles, MO

Turn-Ons? A good personality, someone who is optimistic and driven… A good smile and pretty eyes
Turn-Offs? People who are rude and disrespectful.
Pets? I want a puppy :(

Favorite car? Skyline.

Favorite food? Anything Italian.

How long have you been modeling? 2 years

What did you do before you started modeling? I gogo danced and toured with Bad Boy Bill and also danced for many nightclubs in Arizona… I also bartended.

Where might we have seen you before? Probably myspace...haha.

What are some of your modeling highlights so far?
Well let's see… Modified Mag's December issue, Octobers diva on, and currently a feature garage on Tunerfriends. But I guess the biggest highlight is meeting all kinds of really cool people who have helped me out a lot..

How do you feel about being in the import scene now?
I love it so far, I’m learning a lot of new things and enjoying my experiences.

In your opinion, how does the Canadian import scene compare to the American scene? I wish I knew.

How did posing nude make you feel? I wouldn’t know cause I haven’t done it... How would it make me feel? Naked!

Describe your sexiest outfit? Something small but not too revealing… You want to keep the guys guessing ;)

How do you avoid tan lines? Tan naked

How do you stay in such great shape? I haven’t figured that out yet… genetics?

What's your favourite exercise? I don’t really exercise… but gogo dancing seems to be a good workout..

What do you like to do for fun? I like to travel, shop, go out and drink, hang out with girlfriends… oh yeah and look for cute guys :)

What are some of your goals? I would like to be a major part of HIN next season, maybe shoot for a couple of other magazines, and experience as much as I can in Import modeling.

Do you have any projects currently lined up? Well the season is almost over but I am trying to make it to the shows that are left and maybe do some more photo shoots so I can build a larger portfolio.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in St. Charles, MO

What would you say your personality is like? Goofy, fun, sweet and happy :)

Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have a twin brother.

What kind of music are you into? Hip-hop, progessive house, trance, and alternative.

What type of guys do you go for? Havent figured that out yet… I date all different kinds of guys... Variety is good.

How many languages can you speak? One-English

What does a guy have to do to get your attention? Smile.

Are you 100% natural? Well no…

What are some of your favourite stores to shop in? Sephora, Nordstroms, Forever 21 wherever they sell cute clothes...

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Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay

Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay

Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay

Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay Abbie Ratay

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