Aliya Bagbani loves booty shots


Name: Aliya Bagbani

Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Measurements: 36-27-41
nationality: Persian
Hometown: Iran
DOB: 10/31/1987
Languages Spoken: Persian / Turkish / English
How long modeling? 1 year ..i'm a rookie
Occupation: Student & make up artist for Bare Essentuals
Nickname?: Persian Goddess

Turn On: Smiles :)
Turn Off: ignorance
Ink? How many? body is a temple...
Favorite Designer: Roberto Cavalli
Favorite Shoes: Jimmy Choo of course
Favorite Makeup: Chanel
Favorite Fragrance: Chanel Chance
Favorite Jewelry Designer: Tiffany's
Favorite Clothing Store: BEBE

Favorite Photographer? KEM WEST PHOTOGRAPHY
Favorite Magazine besides ModelVanity? KING & The Source

Sexiest Man? Denzel Washington
Sexiest Woman? Angelina Jolie
Do you sleep naked? No
Thong, Panties, Commando? I like sexy panties
Favorite Digital Gadget? My sidekick LX...communication is key

Favorite Possession? my car!
PC or Mac? PC
Any Pets? no
Do it yourself type? (y/n) YES, im very Independent

What 3 Items on a deserted Island? my cell phone, computer & camera
Tropical or Cold climate? tropical!
Hyper or Chill? chill
Favorite Car: Range Rover
Favorite food? or Drink? Steak :)
Favorite Music? all of Lil Wayne's music
Bedtime? im a night person...3am
Vegas, Miami, Hollywood, Ibiza, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo? DUBAI!!!

So Aliya, What was life like growing up? Coming as an immigrant from Iran, my family was very conservative, so it was really hard trying to fit in with all the American kids but still not make my parents angry. Learning a new language and learning the culture was always an obstacle as well.

Were you popular in High School? No, I was a nerd. I still am at heart, but now I am just a little more provacative than before. (haha) My mom would never let me go to school with make-up, dressed, up or heels. She said it was a distraction from my studies.

What is the first compliment you get? depends on the person. It usually sways from my Smile to my Booty.

How did you start modeling? I got some photos done for fun and posted them on a modeling website and got such positive feedback that it really motivated me.

What was it like to pose the first time? It came very naturally. It was harder for me trying to figure out if I was blinking ok without ruining the shot haha

Do you get nervous before your shoots? No thats not something I ever feel before a shoot.

Your most embarassing Model shoot moment? Never really had one Thank the lord!

What is your favorite type of pose? I like booty shots!

What sets you apart from other models? I'm not here to model for fame or to find my self a Star husband. I'm here to do this as a career. To make money and represent Ethnic women. I love modeling, hosting, and everything encompassing the modeling industry. Having a job you
enjoy is a dream and I want to live my dream.

Who is your favorite model? I don't have a favorite model. I respect and love all models alike. Each represents and is unique in their own way and I love that. I'M my favorite model.

What makes a good photographer? I love it when a photographer has feedback as your posing. One that is always making remarks to help guide you through the shoot and definitely knows what you want to portray in the shot with few words.

What do you do to keep fit? I workout 6 days a week. and I eat right. I try to eat all natural foods, but I love my curves so I make sure I eat my steak and chicken!

Are you enhanced? No...all real beauty

Any current exciting projects your working on? I have a lot of projects in line right now. Everything is coming at me so fast, and i'm so thankful.

Ever thought about acting? yes, definitely. Acting is where I'll be heading next. see you soon Hollywood

What are you dreams/goals in life? If modeling & acting lead me no where, My ultimate
backup goal is to be in the Pharmaceutical department of a large cosmetic or skin care line. I love the science and beauty, so to have the both would be very satisfying.

Where will you be in 5 years? Tomorrow is never promised.

Do you like to travel? traveling is a hobby to me.

What is your favorite place to visit? My home. Iran

What Makes you feel sexy? Sexy panties

Has anyone every tried to hold you back in life? There are jealous people that will always try to hold some one back who is more devoted & motivated. They'll TRY, but never succeeed with me. I'm on my way to the top, any one holding me back or slowing me down will be out of my life.

Is there a significant other in your life currently? No...I'm single

What can guys do to be more attractive to women? Sm
ile more. I don't like when men try to be so hard & tough. A genuine smile wins me over!

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be, and why? Marilyn Monroe. The definition of Sex Idol. I want her details to success!

Any Sex Tips? Keep things exciting!

Who has been the most insipiration person in your life? My parents. Establishing a life in a foreign country with no family or friends, makes me realize that anything is possible if you really want it.

What advice do you have for upcoming models? Don't be another Myspace model. Talk to agencies, get published in things, network. and most importantly, Don't let anyone tell you that you need to be any different than you are. Flaunt your differences, that's what will help you stand out!!

What can fans do to support your career? I just want everyones genuine love. To check out my website, give me feedback on new projects and photos. Pick up the magazines I get
published in, attend shows that I host, and most importantly just stay loyal to me!

Any final farewell Message for fans? Check out my myspace for all my updates right now, and
coming soon my website. Thank you for reading my interview and learning more about me, and I hope you have a new found respect for me!

* Persian Goddess *

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