Bleona Qereti sings her heart out


Name: Bleona Qereti

Height: 5.8
Weight: 128lb
Measurements: 36,26,36
nationality: Albanian
Hometown: Birmingham Mi
DOB: 5/14/79
Languages Spoken: English, Albanian, Italian, German
How long modeling? 7 years
Occupation: Singer (MV - Check out the video above)

Turn On: Shopping
Turn Off: Cheap people
Skills: Singing, acting, hosting
Ink? How many? None

Favorite Designer: D&G
Favorite Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Gianmarco, Lorenzi
Favorite Makeup: Mac & Bobbi Brown
Favorite Jewelry Designer: De Beers Chopard
Favorite Clothing Store: Celyn B
Favorite Photographer? Fadil Berisha
Runway or Glamour? Glamour
Favorite Magazine besides ModelVanity? New beauty magazine

Sexiest Man? Ben Affleck
Sexiest Woman? Angelina Jolie
Do you sleep naked? No
Thong, Panties, Commando? Panties
Favorite Digital Gadget? Palm

Favorite Possession? Vertu phone
Any Pets? Dog
Do it yourself type? Yes

What 3 Items on a deserted Island? Cell phone, moisturizer, water
Tropical or Cold climate? Tropical
Hyper or Chill? Hyper
Favorite Car: Bentley
Favorite food? or Drink? Sushi and fresh squeezed juices
Favorite Music: R&B and Pop
Bedtime: 2-3 am
Vegas, Miami, Hollywood, Ibiza, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo? Hollywood

Bleona what was life like growing up? I was a star kid; a singer at a young age.

Were you popular in High School? Yes

What is the first compliment you get? You are beautiful

How did you start modeling? Because I was a popular singer, different companies used my image to promote their products.

What was it like to pose the first time? Thrilling

Do you get nervous before your shoots? No

What is your favorite type of pose? Classy

What sets you apart from other models? My personality
Who is your favorite model? Heidi Klum

What makes a good photographer? The angle he gets the shot

What do you do to keep fit? Fitness and healthy food

Are you enhanced? No

Any current exciting projects your working on? My first English album

What has been your most significant accomplishment in the industry so far? The last tour i did in my country had over 80 000 people at my last concert (MV - We get back stage passes next time!)

Ever thought about acting? I have a degree in acting from The Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania

What are you dreams/goals in life? To make it as a singer in the U.S.

Where will you be in 5 years? Beverly Hills, CA

Do you like to travel? Yes

What is your favorite place to visit? Italy

What Makes you feel sexy? Great clothes

Has anyone every tried to hold you back in life? No

Is there a significant other in your life currently? Yes

What can guys do to be more attractive to women? Show more love

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be, and why? Elvis Presley
because he is the king!

What is the best compliment you ever had? You are something else

Who has been the most inspiration person in your life? My dad

What advice do you have for upcoming models? Base their success on hard work
What can fans do to support your career? They have been great so far!

Any final farewell Message for fans? I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during my career! THANKS!

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